Retail audit

This line of activity includes price analysis according to special sampling of retail trade putlets and making regular analytical reports (once a week or fortnight), allowing the customer to backtrace costs of their goods and their competitors' goods, to get the information about distribution (availability of goods in the putlets) and undertake efficient decisions on changing prices on the basis of competitors' prices dynamics and trends of costs changing. Here are our operations in this line:

  • Market of spare parts for cars and motorbikes produced domestically (by request of "Mayak" company)
  • Foodstuffs market - snacks, cereals (by request of "Foodmark" company, trade mark - crisps and corn sticks "Joker" and "Maugli")
  • Foodstuffs market - mayonnaise (by request of Novosibirsk Fat Processing Plant)
  • Foodstuffs market - wine (by request of "Albumin" plant)