Pre-Project Elaborations

In the context of this line our experts are ready to elaborate a business model according to the client's request. Its results can become a base for the realization of the project. The main point of this conception is elaboration of a development strategy of a project according to certain aims (increase of customer numbers and duration of their stay, improvement of services) and forming of a definite suggestions for achievement of the final goal. As a result of such work the customer gets specific recommendations for the realization of the project or for the improvement of their business. Application of this recommendations let the customer to achieve the final goal.

Finished projects

  • A draft of a sauna project for a mountain-ski centre "Kluchi" ( by request of "Neokom" company)
  • Conception of development for "Neokom" beach ( by request of "Neokom" company)
  • Contemporary methods of ferrous scrap metal processing (by request of "Belon" company)
  • Prospects of a pedestrian overhead crossings (by request of "ArtBusinessLine" company)
  • Four pedestrian overhead crossings: design-projects and efficiency calculations (by request of "ArtBusinessLine" company)
  • Prospects of Novosibirsk advertising market in the point-of- sale terminals, market entry program design (by request of "ArtBusinessLine" company)
  • Study of possible perspective courses for "Albumin" plant (the biggest Novosibirsk dairy)
  • Determination of optimal size of raw coal warehouse in the central concentrating plant "Belovskaya" (by request of "Belon" company)