Markets researches

Our experts have big experience in researching and analyzing such markets as food, consumer commodities, building materials, industrial equipment, real estate. Worked methods let us carry out high-quality investigations and analysis of almost any market of interest for our customers.

Finished projects

  • Research into Novosibirsk polypropylene pipes market ( by request of "Kotes" company)
  • Evaluation of capacity of Novosibirsk exterior advertising market (by request of "Artbusinessline" company)
  • Prospectives of a hotel business in Novosibirsk (by request of "Imagemedia" company)
  • Investigation of mini-hotels of Novosibirsk (by request of "Artbusinessline" company)
  • Investigation of wages of investment institutions staff ( by request of management company "Alemar")
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of present dynamic informative-advertising system in the Underground and public places of Novosibirsk ( by request of "F1 companies group")