Work direction

At present time our company is working in the following directions:

Markets researches

Our experts have big experience in researching and analyzing such markets as food, consumer commodities, building materials, industrial equipment, real estate. Worked methods let us carry out high-quality investigations and analysis of almost any market of interest for our customers.

Real estate

Research in the sphere of housing market is a separate and deep line of activity of the company.
It includes:

  • Monitoring and analysis of the real estate market that is held on a regular base in our company (More about our project Virtual Purchases)
  • Evaluation of investment attraction of a certain real estate market segment considering macro- and microeconomic forces
  • Evaluation of investment attraction of a certain project realization in the sphere of a real estate (construction of an office building, trade centre) considering different ways of its exploitation (sale, farming, offices for one's own business)
  • Research of customer preferences in the sphere of real estate and commercial realty
  • Search for the objects of commercial and industrial realty according to the customer's demands

Business plans

Our company specializes in making business plans and technological and economical grounds for industrial projects. Our staff has experience in preparing business plans for drawing up in banks. Business plans prepared in our company meet all the requirements of lending agencies.

Pre-Project Elaborations

In the context of this line our experts are ready to elaborate a business model according to the client's request. Its results can become a base for the realization of the project. The main point of this conception is elaboration of a development strategy of a project according to certain aims (increase of customer numbers and duration of their stay, improvement of services) and forming of a definite suggestions for achievement of the final goal. As a result of such work the customer gets specific recommendations for the realization of the project or for the improvement of their business. Application of this recommendations let the customer to achieve the final goal.

Transport and municipal engineering

Retail audit

This line of activity is historically the first for our company. It's being developed since the beginning of the 90th. During that period we have worked original methods of price analysis. We can offer services in complex monitoring and analysis of prices and goods supply in different trade outlets including preparation of regular analytical reports containing forecast of a possible market changes. We also gather information about prices, availability of commodities and its laying out and convey it to the customer for an independent processing.

"Mystery shopping"

Mystery shopping is a tool used by market research companies as a tool to measure quality of retail service. Companies send mystery shoppers to 'act' as shoppers or to legitimately shop in return for some combination of cash, store credit, purchase discounts, or the goods or services purchased. Instructions to mystery shoppers can include a script of behavior, questions to ask, complaints to give, purchases to make, and measures to record, such as time it takes to receive attention from an employee or receive a service, or the responses given to questions.