Corpus" company was found by three members of Institute of Economics and Organization of Industrial Production, Siberian brunch of the USSR Academy of Science in 1992.

The founders:

  • Voronov Yuri Petrovich
  • Gluschenko Konstantin Pavlovich
  • Kibalov Eugeny Borisovich

The first idea of the business was a direct engineering. We promoted to the country projects of enterprises processing agricultural products: mills, butter- dairy, sausage rooms. We attached the projects to already existing buildings, procured equipment that was in short supply those days, co-coordinated service conditions.

But then investments to the real sector almost ceased and two partners - Gluschenko K.P. and Kibalov E.B. decided to leave the business and returned to academic scientific efforts.

The remaining owner Voronov Y.P. decided to redirect the company towards market monitoring. Till 1999 the company was engaged in retail prices monitoring mainly in the sphere of food. During that period we created several original methods for forecasting business rivals' price changes and the effect of the marketing held against the customer etc. We also learnt to argue soundly our recommendations concerning price changes, purveyance regulations and goods input stream. Since that time we are good at forecasting the short- term dynamics for food retail prices. However, such a prolonged concentration of our efforts on food prices was forced by the situation in the country. The population spent their money on food mainly and business activity was concentrated on foodstuff. One could get the order from this field only.

Analytics of food market was a good base for the following development of other directions of research. Many of our clients redirected their business to the field of real estate, so the direction of housing marketing research arose naturally. More details about present- day directions of the company you may get in the "Why Are WE Useful?" section.